Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon
The Sandia Mountains: Always Inspiring

Thursday, January 2, 2014

And To All a Blessed and Prosperous 2014!

Welcome, welcome to my new blog! I have really struggled with what to write for my very first entry as I am embarking on a journey to a place I have never been before. It is a journey to pursue my passions and in the process share what I learn along the way and inspire those who choose to join me on the journey. This venture has  been several years in the making but on Thanksgiving day, as I turned the final corner and took the first step to make the journey a reality, I said a prayer. I hope you don't mind if I share it with you:

Dear God,
... Thank you for the gifts and talents that You have given me.
Help me to use them to glorify You. 
Thank you for the opportunities that have
presented themselves along life's path,
each one building on the last to bring me
to the place I am right now, physically, emotionally, spiritually.
I see Your hand in every turn.
Thank you for the beauty in Your creations. 
Help me to share that beauty with others
and let them know that it is through You that
I am able to share in creating earthly ways
of enjoying your Heavenly gifts.

Your humble daughter.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope to see you on a regular basis. I will be posting a little bit of everything here that pertains to memory keeping via photography and digital scrap booking which will include climbing the family tree. 

I would like to leave you with one of my most favorite quotes (you will see a lot of uplifting quotes here as words and quotes are some of my passions, too!):

“Immortality lies not in the things you leave behind, but in the people your life has touched.”

 ~ Author Unknown

Have a blessed day! I hope to see you tomorrow!


  1. Sissy, your blog is absolutely gorgeous! So very, very YOU! Your photograph of the Sandias is so typical of your awesome photography skill. And of course, you know I love that picture of the tree in your back yard, with the fairy bubbles. Good job, Sis. Good job. It will be a pleasure to follow you now. Thanks for the personal invite tonight. I love you.

    1. Thank you, SissyBear, for always encouraging me. You are one of the reasons I took the leap knowing the net will appear!

  2. Sharon, the prayer is simply beautiful just like you! I am so happy that you are following your dreams. I wish you success. Your photography is stunning. It improves everyday. I miss you my friend! Lots of hugs being sent your way. Love you.

    1. Thank you, my sweet friend! You have always been an inspiration for me. Your fantastic artwork has always kept me pushing myself to new heights. I appreciate your support so much! I miss you, too!

  3. Hi Sharon, Congratulations on taking the step ... Your prayer is beautiful, your pictures, words and creativity will be an oasis of creativity and blessing to everyone stopping by! I look forward of learning more about you, your dreams and art here .., I love the winter scenery!

    1. Thank you, Nina! It means a lot to me that you stopped by today! Your photography art is such an inspiration and I have made it a personal goal to touch everyone where it matters most to them with my work as you do with yours!

  4. Hi Sharon !! Finally got a chanch to come by and check out your site. Beautiful Just Beautiful !!! Hopefuly I'll see you soon at your work.. Hugs Heathe